Three Day




Every day, for three days, you will write 1 to 3 pages in your journal of choice.   There is absolutely no criteria for what you write.  It is not about what you write, but that you write.


Every morning you will receive personalized messages from me.  I will pick a tarot card for each day and I will share it with you every morning.  These messages will help you feel supported and enable you to connect to your intuitive nature.




You will write one page every day. 

It does not matter what you write, as long as you write.  There is absolutely no wrong way to do this.  All you must do is show up with pencil in hand and paper to write on, and write.


After the third day you will have the chance to share your discoveries, ie 

Do you feel better or worse after writing for three days?



My intention for you:

This is somewhat of a sacred practice.  It isn’t for anyone to read, not even yourself.  My intention for you is that you create a safe and loving space for yourself as you write.


Here are a few things you could do to make it more special for you:

You could light a candle.  

Listen to some of your favorite music - I will add a few of my favorite songs that I write to, too!

You could make a special drink and sip on it as you write.


This is your experience and I encourage you to treat it as a sacred, safe, and loving time for yourself.


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This guided journaling experience is very simple and easy.