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Are you interested in working with me?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

I have been thinking about what to offer you during these interesting, weird, and uncomfortable times.

For me, journaling, meditating, talking with my energy healer, life coach, and friends, is what has helped me feel grounded and hopeful during these times.

As many of you know,I just offered a 7 Day Journaling Challenge, which was so much fun!  As the challenge came to an end, I felt the urge to offer something special to those who participated.

And now, I feel inspired to offer the same thing to you! 

Our culture has programmed us to believe to look outside of ourselves for the answers, but we've forgotten that we've held the answers all along.

My work is to help you remember your own truth and start listening and trusting your own inner knowing, so that you can stop seeking approval and validation outside of yourself.

More specifically, I would like to help you... 

•. Stop comparing yourself to others and feel confident on your own path!

Understand why you keep getting triggered by the same people.  And give you the tools to solve that particular issue with that specific person.

•. Bring your ideas into fruition and help you with your "next steps!"

•. Dissolve the belief that you are not good enough.

I feel called to help you identify the patterns that make you feel stuck, sad, confused, and depressed, that way you can slowly stop becoming paralyzed by the same fears and reach your true and REAL potential.

If you’re interested in working with me for the next three weeks, this could be a great opportunity to do so!

I am also knocking off $150! 

What do you get?

Three 1 hour 1:1 private sessions with me.

Weekly tasks

Intuitive tarot card readings

I usually charge $450 for this type of offer, but I am feeling inspired to offer it for only $295.

There are only 2 more spaces available.

Sign up for a free 20 minute call with me to learn more! Sign up here!

More specifically, I would like to help you... 

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