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Partnering with horses to help you step into your true potential.


Why Equus Coaching?

Equus coaching is coaching for humans, using horses. It is a unique way for you to explore your behaviors and patterns and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you interact with others and the environment around you. 


Through a series of interactions and activities with horses, you will see the behaviors and patterns that have a tendency to show up across all areas of your life. The horse will give you an instant and honest reaction to these behaviors, highlighting when these are coming up (even if you are not consciously aware of them) and giving you an opportunity to shift any behaviors or patterns that are blocking you from experiencing joy, happiness, love, connection, etc.


Equus is fun, different and a chance to get our of your daily routine and experience something completely new! 


No riding is involved, and no prior experience with horses is needed.

Why Horses?

Horses are completely non-judgmental. They do not have pre-conceived judgment of who you are based on your looks, upbringing, job status, relationship status or any other common judgments that people tend to hold. 


All horses are concerned about in an Equus coaching session is the present moment - how you are behaving towards them and what is going on in their environment around them. To interact with the horse, you need to be present in that moment and understand how your thoughts and feelings are contributing to the horses behavior. As you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and start to explore how your presence effects the horse’s response to you, you will suddenly feel inspired to take a closer look at what thought patterns and behaviors ar blocking you from living the life you truly desire.


The way we show up with horses is the way we show up in life.  As they say, the way we do one thing is the way we do everything.  Horses give us an opportunity to show up in a safe space where we feel comfortable enough to explore what thought patterns and behaviors are no longer serving us or our relationships.  They help us see what is working in our lives, what isn't, and allow us 

"Sarah is a great guide into the inner self. I trusted her immediately. The best part was how the mare Lady showed me exactly what I am doing
in my own human relationship. I will have that picture in my mind’s eye. "

- Allyson

How do you see yourself getting started?

Book a 30 minute FREE Clarity Call with me to see if Equus Coaching is for you!

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