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Befriending our Triggers

Befriending our Triggers

Befriending our triggers… but what does it mean? Just this morning, as I woke up and took a few minutes to peer out the window, I noticed that a wounded part of me was dictating the show. I had just hopped on Facebook and saw a post that activated several past memories. I immediately felt tense, and I could feel the wounded part of me making judgements about myself and others.

Then, I got curious. “Hmm, I thought to myself, a part of me is feeling triggered. Let me see what this is about and what she needs.”

I realized this wound came from a time when things were really confusing and hard for her, a time when things were really hard and confusing for most people.

High school.

Underneath the judgements, was a sense of sadness, because she believed she wasn’t good enough and everyone else was doing it right – by it, I mean life, business, mothering, (fill in the blank), except her.

Of course, this would trigger judgement, sadness, and confusion. AND, not all of our beliefs are true. Assuming something doesn’t make it right!

I could have approached this situation in a few different ways…

1.) I could have ignored her and suppressed my feelings in that moment because it felt super uncomfortable


2.) I could have allowed it to get me into a bad mood, which has happened many times in my life.

But guess what? I have come to realize that befriending this part of me is the fastest way to heal and feel better.

So what about you? How can you start to be-friend your triggers and wounds?

I have created a step-by-step process for this way of healing, and if you’re interested, reply YES below, and I will send it your way.

Until then, be well my friend.

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