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No more Pushing Through

Hey beautiful soul,

How is life feeling for you lately?  Feel free to respond below with one word or few sentences.

I have missed you!  Life has been full and my attention has been pulled in many directions, which is why I haven’t been posting lately.

But today is the day to say hello, give you a quick update, and invite you to my next online gathering.

Lately, I have been thinking, writing, and teaching about all the ways we have been taught to armor up and push through our feelings.  

And, how we have gotten stuck in a man’s world that tell us to do more, have more, and be more, as if nothing is ever enough.  But this is not the way our hearts want us to lead and live. We must honor and acknowledge our feelings, let them pass through us, and begin to soften into the places we are most hard on ourselves.

I will tell you a story about myself...

Growing up, I was a big feeler.  I had a lot of emotions and was highly sensitive, which made it difficult for my parents to understand what I needed.  It was also during the 90s, a time when there wasn't a lot of education around how to parent highly sensitive and big feeling kids.

During my teen years, I went through some experiences that taught me to toughen up, to hold things in and pretend like everything was fine.  But everything was not fine - far from it.  This is when I began to suppress much of what I was feeling and use other, unhealthier ways to cope.  

Before I became pregnant, I started tapping into some of these suppressed feelings and softening into the places I was most hard on myself.  

A large part of my healing process and what helped me become pregnant, was healing parts of myself that I had abandoned years ago.  Another big piece was reconnecting to my intuition and allowing it to be my guide.  

My journey to heal has required me to tap into the feelings that I suppressed all those years ago, re-connect to my teenager, and re-parent her in ways that feel loving and supportive. 

This is how I currently help my clients, and now, I want to connect with you and invite you to this work. 

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