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Truths of Motherhood

There are a few Truths I have come to know since becoming a Mom. Today, I want to share a few of those truths with you.

Truth #1: Healing is not linear.

When the pain and suffering arises again, it does not mean that I am going backwards or regressing, but that there is more to see, to heal, and to witness. And every time I go inwards and do the uncomfortable and inner work, I rise up, again and again. Joy is always on the other side.

Truth #2: Nothing lasts forever.  

It can be easy to believe that our pain and suffering will last forever, but in my experience, it does not. It shifts, changes, and morphs into something else. The belief that our pain or suffering will last forever only creates more fear and suffering. Everything is constantly changing. You will heal. You are healing right now, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Give yourself grace and patience. You will heal.

Truth #3: Our ability to show compassion and love for ourselves will help the needle move forward.

If you are struggling right now, asking this simple question will help you shift your attention from fear to love: “What would Love do?” When we are in the energy of love, it enables us to return to wholeness and in wholeness, fear cannot exist. So if you’re currently facing a challenge, move your awarenes to your heart, take a few breathes and ask, “What would Love do?” There you’ll find your answer.

What Truths have found you since becoming a Mama or Dad? I would love to hear! Comment below.

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