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Full Moon Message

What wants to be realized?

Underneath your fear(s) there are insights waiting to be realized.

So much of the time we let our fears fester, because to face them or deal with them feels super uncomfortable.

However, once we learn how to approach our fears or negative thoughts in a new and intuitive way, we stop becoming trapped and sabotaged by our negative self-talk.

What is this Full Moon waking up inside of you?

For me, it’s reminding me to connect to The Divine to my Higher Self and let go of the negative thoughts that tend to cripple my self-esteem.

This morning, as I lay in bed, I took a few minutes to do a meditation and while lying there I had a huge realization.

I've had a few fears festering in my mind the last few days and I noticed that those fears and the negative self talk was starting to effect me.

I started to feel restless, a little down, and I wasn't feeling as confident as usual. Then, this morning as I was lying down, I saw an image in my minds eye, showing me what I had to do to release these fears.

I have a hunch that I may not be the only one feeling this way.

Are you feeling this too?

It feels as if we are all waking up to our own inner truth and in order to do that, we gotta release the old shit.

If you are experiencing fear right now or feeling insecure, it could be an opportunity to clear out the old that no longer serves you.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself right now:

What is this Full Moon waking me up to in my own life?

What realizations do I have today that I didn’t have a week or two ago?

What fears or insecurities are present? (This could be a sign that something inside of you is ready to be realized and released.)

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