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Postpartum Insomnia - A Piece of My Story

Hello beautiful being,

If you haven’t yet noticed, my writing has taken a bit of a shift in the last 10 months. Right now, I feel called to write and record videos that pertain to motherhood and postpartum. I want other mama’s to feel heard and seen in their own phase of motherhood and postpartum, because so many suffer in silence.

I have and always will share my experiences and story with you because it is built into who I am. I want to be a voice for other momma’s who are IN IT right now, so that they may feel less alone in their suffering.

As some of you may know, I experienced some of the darkest days of my life, after giving birth to my son. I share a little bit of my story in this video. (See below). I will share more soon!

Postpartum insomnia rocked my world. There were days where I thought I was either going to end up in a mental institution or I was doing to die. Literally. It was awful.

AND, for whatever reason, this was a part of my evolutionary process - as a human being and mother. There is a huge spiritual component to what I went through, which I touch on in this video.

I never want anyone to feel alone in their pain. I want to remind all of us that there is NOTHING wrong with us for how we are feeling or what we are going through. It is hard to make sense of our pain when we are in it, so don’t. Just let it be what it is. That has been the hardest lesson for me: to accept what is, without fighting it or making it mean something horrible.

I am still very much practicing this. Motherhood is no joke. It’s the biggest blessing and challenge of my life.

I will make another video soon, so if you have any questions surrounding my experience, please leave them below and I will answer them in my next video.

Thanks for reading and watching. I appreciate you.

Much love,


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