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Still Feeling Stuck? What Fear is Holding you Back?

There are so many thoughts that can get in the way of us realizing our true nature and potential

When I first learned how to question the fears and beliefs that made me feel small and inadequate, I started to wake up to the truth, which seemed to live on the other side of fear.

Think of your fear or negative beliefs as a double sided coin.

On one side you have thoughts like:

I am not good enough

I am too fat

I am too skinny

I am poor

My body doesn’t work properly

On the other side is its opposite:

I love myself

I am good enough

I am perfect as I am

I am always taken care of

Abundance is available to me

My body is a brilliant vehicle

As you may notice, the negative thoughts cause the body to tense up and close, whereas the loving thoughts open our hearts and make us feel free.

We live in a society that has trained us to only look at one side of the coin, but at any moment we can flip that coin and find its opposite.

If you are struggling to move past a specific fear, I would encourage you to face your fear.

Here’s how:

The next time you feel stuck, confused, lost, or sad, ask yourself, “What am I thinking about?”

Then, write those thoughts down.

The first step is noticing what thoughts cause you to feel bad about yourself.

The second step is to jot down the negative thoughts and then next to each one of them, write its opposite.

At first, the voice in your head may say things like,

“Yeah right.”

“That can’t be true.”

That’s okay. Try to let that go and keep repeating the alternative beliefs to yourself.

Find one that really resonates and make it a mantra or quote that you can say to yourself daily.

Lastly, be kind to yourself.

You are learning something new, and it will take time.

We must start telling ourselves a new story, one that lifts us up and fills our heart with love and light.

We were not meant to struggle our whole lives. We can change the way we feel by learning about the thoughts that cause us harm.

Start there.

Questions? Comments? Leave a message for me!

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