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When all else fails, surrender and ask for help.

It doesn’t always happen how we think it’s going to happen, in fact, in my experience, it happens much differently.

When we are so attached to life happening a certain way, without making space for other scenarios to occur, we end up, at least in my experience, feeling disappointed and confused.

Because guess what? Things aren’t meant to always go our way.

Believe me, when I really came to acknowledge and accept this truth, especially when things were not panning out the way I wanted them to, it was a bumpy road for awhile. However, along the way, I realized that there are no mistakes and what I thought was meant for me, maybe wasn’t, until it was.

And that is the thing: It’s more about trusting our paths, rather than trying to force a certain path to exist because we say it should.

I’ve learned that life is far more exciting, fun, and loving, when we can let go of what we think should be happening and accept what is actually happening. When we can adopt the motto: “This is happening for me, not to me.”

Because guess what? Life is on our side. It wants us to win, it just may have a different version than we do or a different timeline.

Trust that you are in the right place at the right time and maybe the next course of action is to surrender and ask for help.



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