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Will it really make us happy?

The belief that our happiness – our sense of peace, is dependent upon things outside of ourselves, ie., houses, cars, body image, successful career, riches and fame, etc., is a huge crock of shit.

We are taught that these things will bring us happiness – make us fulfilled.

We’re taught that by achieving certain goals we will feel worthy and good enough. But if we don’t? We’re nothing. Lazy, worthless, not good enough.

And so, what do we do? We chase things outside of us to ensure that we are in fact GOOD enough. We “think” that by hitting these goals or achievements, we will be happy.

“When I hit six or seven figures in my business, I will be happy. Then I will have made it”

“When I have the perfect house, I will be fulfilled.”

“When my body looks a certain way, then I will be happy.”

“When I achieve these personal milestones, then I will be proud of myself and finally be happy.”

But we’ve got it all wrong…

True peace and happiness are not built by acquiring things, accomplishing tasks, or getting what we want, or else we would all be happy. And from my view, a lot of us are struggling. And rightfully so.

Being a human being can be hard at times, especially right now. AND we must carry the belief that we are here for a divine reason. We may not yet know our divine purpose, but by believing we are here for a reason – that our existence matters, it can carry us through harder times.

So here is what I have come to realize as Truth:

Our happiness and sense of well-being is an inside job. And the things we think will bring us happiness, may in fact just be a band aid for our true sense of wellbeing.

Since becoming a mom and experiencing such despair through the first few months of postpartum, I have realized so much about myself and life.

Happiness isn’t out there. It’s in the simple moments that continue to present themselves to us, day after day.

A sweet kiss from our partners. The sight of a blue bird in the first few days of Spring. A sunset that captures our hearts and minds.

Can we remain present enough to capture and enjoy these beautiful and simple moments in our lives?

As a society, we are so focused on the past or the future. Either thinking about who we were, where we have been, or planning out where we want to go and what we want to do. There is nothing wrong with this, per se, but by focusing our attention elsewhere, we miss the beauty of our lives, right now.

I am brought to tears as I think about the miracles of life, you, me, each breathe we breathe, and our ability to show up with open hearts, to the very moment presented to us - allowing it to consume us with love and gratitude.

If this sounds super out there, I encourage you to just be with yourself, right now, if even for a second. Feel your heart, touch your hand to your heart, and simply say thank you. To yourself, to life, to all that created this moment for you.

I am reminded of a quote, "If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is -Thank You- it will be enough." - Meister Eckhart

And so, can we accept our current conditions as they are, so that we may find peace where we are? Pain too, can bring gifts.

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