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You are the Source of Your Own Love

You are the source of your own love.

What a powerful statement.

Do you feel the truth of those words hit your body? Let's read it again: You are the source of your own love.

We are the source.

Our power and love comes from within.

We no longer need to search outside of ourselves for the answers or for someone else or something else to fulfill us. It all lies within us.

What do you take away from that statement? How does that resonate in your life own?

For me, it reminds me that the power lives within me. The same power that creates, supports, and sustains nature lives inside of me (and you) too. We are one in the same.

When I read that statement, I feel steady in my body and in myself. I feel fulfilled and grateful. I remember that my happiness, value and worth are not in things or achievement, but are the essence of who I am.

We have been tricked to believe that our value and worth are determined by our successes or “failures”, how much we do or don’t do, or our achievements or lack thereof, but guess what?We have been seriously played.

When we look to nature, what do we see?

We see a landscape, a tree, a flower, thriving as it is, JUST AS IT IS. It doesn’t compare its shape to another’s or its leaf to another leaf. It lives in its own lane, thriving by being.

We can learn so much from Mother Nature.

The next time you fall into a rut, whether you find yourself comparing your path to someone else’s, judging what you see in the mirror, or you're just having a hard day, go find yourself in nature.

Open your heart and ask what you can learn from the plant, flower, or tree that lies in front of you.

What is the message for you?


Today, our message is this: You are the source of your own love.



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