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You are WHOLE just as you are

You are whole just as you are.

As a culture, we have fallen into the illusion that we need someone to complete us.

We need someone to make us feel better about ourselves, and if that person doesn’t do what we think they should do, then we have the tendency to make up all sort of beliefs about ourselves, our partner, and the relationship.

“He/she doesn’t care about me.”

“He/she only cares about ________.”

“I’m not as important as _______.”

When we start to believe these thoughts we feel like the world is against us.

We feel alone.



And yet, what I’ve realized through my own journey, is that the most important relationship worth healing and saving is the one with ourselves.

For me, it’s mending and healing the relationship with that inner teen girl, who despite putting on a act like she was fine, was suffering a lot.

She needs to know that she is whole just as she is.

The next time you feel sad, angry, confused, or depressed about a certain situation in your life, primarily in your relationships, take a moment to ask yourself these questions:

Note: This is an inside job. You are asking these questions to yourself and giving yourself what you need. It’s not about relying on someone else to give it to us, although that is part of it, but right now this is about you and your inner kid.

1.) What do you need to feel loved?

2.) What do you need to feel safe?

Here are a few affirmations to tell your scared inner kid:

You are enough.

I love you.

I will never abandon you.

I am here.

Tell me what you need and I’ll give it to you.

You are whole just as you are.

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