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New Moon in Aries - Here’s Your Message!

Hi lovey,

How are you? We are entering a new cycle of life, as we enter into Spring and tap into the energy of the Aries New Moon. This message came to me this morning and it feels super inspiring to share with you! I am curious, are you interested in learning more about the energy of the moon cycles? Does this excite you? If so, let me know! It has been so fun for me to tap into the different phases of the moon along side my menstrual cycle. I want to know if this interests you too! Reply or leave a comment below!

Spring has arrived. We have entered into a new cycle of life. Aries is the first sign in the astrological system and it always begins in Spring.

Here are a few questions to ponder as we embrace the energy of the New Moon:

Where do you want to put your energy towards right now?

What areas of your life need nourishment, love, and care to thrive?

This is a season of stepping into our FUTURE SELVES, who embodies wholeness and radiates confidence.

Even if you don’t feel particularly confident right now, give yourself permission to step into your future self. Imagine her glowing and radiating confidence.

She is You. You are Her.

You are being asked to step into your True Self more fully. What does that look like for you?

As we enter into this new phase of life, I invite you to step into your heart and offer yourself love and compassion.

There is beauty where you stand. Can you feel it?

If the answers you seek aren't coming to you, know that they will arrive in perfect timing.


If you need help with this step, simply ask. Ask to be shown a sign or message that will help you Trust your own path. Give your burden to the Universe and offer it back to Source.

Here is a prayer you may find helpful:

Dear Universe, please change me into one who can trust the timing of my life. If I am meant to receive a message or sign, please open me up to receive it, and if I am not, please let me relax and know that all of my needs are always being met. Change me into one who can fully love, forgive, and accept myself, so I may carry your light without restriction.”

Now back to the energy of the Aries New Moon...

You are the pioneer and leader of your life.

From your heart, breathe in the love that is here for you now. Let it fill you up.

As you step into this new cycle of life, ask yourself, “What do I need to thrive?”

It’s time to step into your future self, whether you are ready or not, and become all that you know yourself to be.

Let her fill you up.

You are whole, you are loved, you are free.



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